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Having a flashlight is kind of essential, be it you are walking in dark, or searching for something in corners, and in many such instances. When you own an iPhone, its flashlight comes in very handy for you. In this article, we will explain to you how to turn on, turn off and adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight.

How to Turn On / Turn Off the Flashlight on iPhone

There are a few different methods to Turn On the flashlight on iPhone, let us understand them one by one.

Method #1: Operate from Control Center

You can Turn On the Flashlight of your iPhone from the Control Center. This works in all iPhone models. All you have to do is open Control Center, look for the Flashlight icon, and Tap on it. This will Turn On the flashlight, and when you tap on the same button again, the flashlight will Turn Off. And when you long press on the flashlight icon, the brightness settings will get activated and you can increase or decrease the intensity of the flashlight by moving your finger up or down.

Turn On: Open Control Center -> Tap on the Flashlight icon once

Turn Off: Open Control Center -> Tap on the Flashlight icon again

If you don’t find the Flashlight icon in the Control Center, follow this:

  • Go to Settings -> Control Center
  • Enable the Flashlight

Method #2: Operate from the Lock Screen

iPhone has a flashlight icon on your lock screen as well, you will see it at the bottom left of the screen while you are on the lock screen.

Turn On: Long press on the flashlight icon at the lock screen.

Turn Off: Same, long press again to turn off the flashlight.

Method #3: Ask Siri to Turn On / Off the Flashlight

Siri can Turn On and Turn Off the flashlight for you, ask her to do it for you.

Turn On: All you have to do is say “Hay Siri, switch on the flashlight”.

Turn Off: Say “Hay Siri, switch off the flashlight”

Please use the correct vocabulary according to which English is configured into your iPhone, if your iPhone is using British English, then say Torch instead of Flashlight.

How to Adjust Brightness of Flashlight on iPhone

To adjust the flashlight’s brightness, follow these steps:

Step #1: Open Control Center

Step #2: Long press on the Flashlight icon

Step #3: The brightness adjustment settings will get activated

Step #4: Slide Upward or Downward to increase or decrease the intensity.


In this article, we explained to you different ways to access and operate flashlight on an iPhone device. If you have any questions, comment below.

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