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Switching from Android to iPhone is an experience and a task by itself. This article explains different ways and its step-by-step guide to transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

Transfer Contacts Using Google Account and Sync the Contacts

One of the easiest ways is to sync your contacts with your Google account and download it to your iPhone. Normally we have a Google account configured in our Android phone, just make sure you have enabled sync for Contacts.
(If you are not already using a Google account on your Android phone, you will need to add a Google Account now). Assuming we have a Google account already configured, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First we will make sure whether sync is enabled for the Contacts on your Android phone or not. For that go to Settings -> Passwords & accounts -> Tap on Google account -> Open Account sync

Step 2: Make sure Contacts is enabled, if it is not enabled then move the toggle and enable it, and let the contacts sync. Once your contacts are synced to your Google account, you are all ready to transfer the contacts to your iPhone.

Step 3: On your iPhone, if you already have a Google account configured, skip to Step 6. And if your Google account is not already configured on your iPhone, please do it now by following these steps:

Step 4: Go to Settings App -> Contacts -> Add Accounts -> tap Google

Step 5: On Google’s Sign-in page type your Google email address and tap on Next. On the next screen type your Google password and tap on Next.

Step 6: If 2-step verification is enabled in your Google account then follow the instructions and authorize your login.

Step 7: On the next screen, you will be asked for permissions to access Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and more. Here enable Contacts and tap on Save on the top-right side of the screen.

Step 8: If you are directly coming from Step 3, go to Settings App -> Contacts -> Tap on your Google account. Here enable the Contacts sync by moving the toggle.

Step 9: Once your Google account is configured and sync is enabled for Contacts, your contacts will be automatically synced and shown in your iPhone’s contacts list.

Transfer Contacts by Export and Import of Contacts.vcf File

Another simple step is by using a dedicated contacts backup App on the Android phone. With this, you can create a backup file containing all the existing contacts of your Android phone. When exported, this file will be saved in .vcf format. Transfer the file to your iPhone and then import it to your Contacts app. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: From your Android phone go to Play Store, find and install Google’s Contacts app.

Step 2: Open the Google’s Contacts app that we just installed. Open the menu by tapping on the three-bar icon from the top-left of the screen, and tap on Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down a little, under the header Manage Contacts tap on Export.

Step 4: From the save prompt, select the folder and name for the file and tap on Save. Let’s say for example we saved the file as contacts.vcf

Step 5: Now you have to transfer this file to your iPhone. The best way would be to send it by email. You may even transfer via Bluetooth or Sync over any cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 6: Once you have the contacts.vcf file on your iPhone, open the file. A prompt will show up asking which app would you like to open this file, select Contacts.

Step 7: Tap on Add All Contacts. (This button may also show the number of contacts). Tap on Add All Contacts again from the confirmation prompt.

Your contacts are now successfully transferred to your iPhone.


In this article, we explained two methods to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. First by using Google sync and second by using an android app that creates a backup file (.vcf) of contacts and then imports it to the iPhone. Hope you found it easy. If you have any questions, comment below.

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