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It is a good idea to password protect your documents to keep them safe, especially when you have to protect sensitive data. Microsoft Word has a feature that allows you to password protect a word document. In this article, we understand step by step how to password protect a word document and also how to remove password from the same document.

Create a New Document

If you already have a Word document, skip to the next step. But if you want to start new, and don’t already have a document, we will create a new document. Open the Microsoft Word application -> click on the Blank Document option as shown in the image below.

Password Protect Word Document

Write your content and Save the file.

Password Protect a Word Document

To password protect the document, click on the File tab at the top bar.

Password Protect Word Document

Then click on Info from the left sidebar.

Password Protect Word Document

Click on Protect Document button -> and click Encrypt with Password from the drop-down options

Password Protect Word Document

In the ‘Encrypt Document‘ box, click on the Password field and type a password. Here now you are setting a password for your document. Click OK. It will ask you to reenter your password to confirm, type your password again and click OK.

Password Protect Word Document

Click on Save.

It is done, your document is now password protected. Now every time you try to access this document, you will be asked for the password.

Password Protect a Word Document

Remove Password of the Document

To remove a password from a password protected word document follow these steps:

  • Open the Document in Word
  • Enter your password to open the file
  • Click on File from the top menu
  • Click on Info on the left sidebar
  • Click on Protect Document
  • Click on Encrypt with Password
  • Now clear the Password field and click OK
  • Click on Save on the left sidebar

Your document’s password is removed, and now it can be accessed without a password.


So this is how we can password protect a word document and also remove password from the document. Thank you for reading, comment us with your suggestions for more tutorials.

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