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If your Mac computer is running out of space then it is very obvious you are looking for a solution. We have been into this scenario and based on our experience there are a few things that we had done to manage and solve this problem. In this article, we will suggest you few methods to extend storage space on a Mac computer.

Method #1: Using an External Storage

Using an external device is one of the best ways to extend the storage of your Mac. Get a decent size of external drive, preferably an SSD. If you just want to use it for storage, HDD also works, but if you want to work with your media files, then prefer an SSD. Most important is, to check which type of USB port you have on your Mac before buying the storage drive.

It will be easy to configure, plug in the drive and install the necessary software, and you are now having good extra space to work with.

Method #2: Buy more Storage on iCloud

Getting storage on iCloud is another convenient method, and it is more cost effective than buying a storage drive.

You just need to open iCloud on your Mac and buy extra storage space, that’s it. You will incur a recurring cost based on the storage space subscribed.

Method #3: Upgrade the Existing Storage Drive

On your old Mac computer, you can think of upgrading the storage drive with a larger one. Make sure your warranty is finished because if you open the enclosure and make changes to the hardware, you void the warranty. We recommend that get this done by a professional, because if anything goes wrong, you may spoil your computer.

There are kits available for storage upgrading based on the model and year of make. You can get them, it also comes with instructions and tools.

Apple discourages upgrading the storage drive, and you will notice in new Mac computers, storage drives are soldered upon the logic board.


Once you are in this situation wherein you are searching for ways to extend the storage space of your Mac computer, you will surely research and plan well in advance the required storage for your next Mac. Meanwhile, when you are looking for a solution today for your current Mac, try out one or more of the above-suggested methods to extend your Mac’s storage space.

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