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When working on a Word document, oftentimes, we need to add page numbers. In this article, we will explain how to add page number in word document and also make some additional configurations as per your requirements.

How to Add Page Number in Word

To insert a page number, click on the Insert tab from the top menu, now on the right side, at the Header & Footer section, you will see the Page Number option. Click on it and you have a range of options to insert and configure the page number for your word document.

How to Add Page Number in Word - Start Here

Alternatively, you can also double tap on the Footer or Header region and the configuration options will open.

Microsoft word gives you several preset formats to choose from. You can click on the options to explore the range of formats you get and select the one you like it.

Page Number Placement

You can insert page numbers at Header, Footer, and even at the Margins. So, depending upon your document format requirement, you can configure where to position it.

Formatting Page Number

You can format the page number just like you do it with other texts on the page; select it and change its font, color, and size.

Adjusting the Margins

You can also adjust the margin between your page number and the edge of the page. Let’s assume we add a page number at the footer of the page; to adjust the distance between the footer and the edge of the page all we have to do is: Go to the Insert tab -> Click on Footer at the Header & Footer Section -> now click Edit Footer

The Header and Footer section opens up with more configuration options like this. On the ’Position’ section you notice that by default the distance is set to 1.25cm for the header and footer. You have to adjust this to set it as per your requirement.

Starting Page Number from Page 3

Microsoft word allows you to configure from which page you want to start the page number. You can set the specific start page and it will number the pages accordingly. To do this, you have to go to the Insert tab -> At the Header & Footer Section, click on Page Number -> Click on Format Page Numbers…

How to Add Page Number in Word - Page Number Format

A configuration window titled Page Number Format will open, here see the field below that says Start at: set the page number from where you want to start the numbering, and click OK, and it is done.


It is very simple to add page numbers in Microsoft word documents and we can also set it to start from a specified page. In this article, we understood the process step-by-step. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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